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Greek extra virgin olive oil

There is a very good reason why we gave our family name to the olive oil we produce. And that is because we wanted our clients to know that the olive oil they chose to consume is created by one family that overlooks the entire procedure, from the cultivation of the trees to the delivery of olive oil -no companies, merchants or middlemen involved.

The Kallaras family is personally responsible for the olive oil brought to its clients.

The family's homeland  is the small village of Klenia, in the Peloponnese, Greece. The rhythm of life in this fertile land is dictated by the cultivation of the olive trees. The Kallaras family, have been olive oil producers for as long as they can be traced back in time.  

Their ancestors planted the very trees the family is cultivating and harvesting to this very day. These annual practices resemble more rituals than a mere way of earning one’s living. We cultivate the olive trees with love and care throughout the year, harvest the olives from November to December and extract the olive oil in our family’s olive press, also situated in my village. Our olive oil is bottled in Corinth's olive oil co-operative, where it is also analyzed and certified in a state-of-the-art standardization unit.

From the groves to the olive press and the regional co-operative union, this olive oil reaches you in the purest possible form.

"Kallaras Extra Virgin Olive Oil"  olive oil in its simplest form.



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